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Tuesday, 01 October 2013 20:32

Justin Trudeau Stands Up in Hazy House of Commons to Propose 7-Eleven Run Featured

Written by  Mike Literus
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“Guys...we have to go get Doritos,” States Liberal Leader

OTTAWA, ON - Political discourse took an unexpected turn in the House of Commons last week when Justin Trudeau introduced a motion for what he called an “essential” trip to the nearby 7-Eleven for slurpees and snacks.

Other members of the house later commented that this motion was strongly supported, since “pretty much everyone had the munchies”. The speaker of the house accepted Mr. Trudeau’s proposal, and the issue was put to a vote amongst the giggling MPs. This move on the part of the speaker had been seen as “unorthodox” by some, and “dope” by others.

With two votes against the motion (Peter McKay and John Baird, who instead expressed their interest to order Pizza Pizza for delivery), and only one abstention (Elizabeth May, who was reportedly “pretty spaced out” at the time), the motion passed easily.

The owners of the local Ottawa convenience store were reportedly caught somewhat off-guard by the parade of ravenous government representatives who shortly afterward came parading into the establishment looking to procure foodstuffs.

Trudeau’s motion came at the end of a particularly mellow session in the House of Commons, during which NDP leader Thomas Mulcair seemed significantly less angry than usual. Mr. Trudeau commented that Mr. Mulcair was “pretty chill” the entire time.

Although Prime Minister Harper has declined to comment on the goings-on within the house recently, many political analysts are interpreting the whole situation as quite remarkable, primarily because MPs are getting more done in the Commons recently than ever before.

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