Kijiji Hostage Negotiations Draw to a Close

Victim’s Parents Confused, but Relieved

Mulcair’s Beard Turns Out to Be Small, Furry Rodent

NDP leader Thomas Mulcair has found himself in quite a hairy situation after his beard was revealed to be a small, furry rodent. Mulcair’s “beard” reportedly perked its head up in the middle of a press conference and scurried away through an opening in the crowd, squeaking, “FREE AT LAST! FREE AT LAST!” Audience members [...]

Harper Source Code Found

Written in LISP

UTSU’s Secret Letter to the PM

A recently approved Freedom of Information request by the Toike Oike reveals the contents of a letter Stephen Harper received several months ago from past UTSU executives. As firm believers in transparency and accountability in the democratic process, we have published the letter’s contents. “Dear Mr. Prime Minister, We represent the 2014-2015 executive council of [...]

Dear Miss Ogeny

Dating Advice that’s Totally Up to Date!