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The Toike Oike is the official humour newspaper of the University of Toronto Engineering Society, or EngSoc. First published in 1911 as a stoic platform for EngSoc news and club notices, the paper has exploded into a satirical news outlet. Today, it is one of the most widely published student newspapers in Ontario. (No, we don’t know why either.)

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The Toike Oike
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Natalia Espinosa-Merlano

Managing Editor

Deeksha Tewari

Senior Staff Writers

Nisha Malik

Jahnavi Upreti

Navin Vanderwert

Graphics Directors

Harrison Chan

Lyka Pinlac

Coco Yan

Distribution Managers

Elliot De Angelis

Grace Gloade

Kyla Tan


Parker Johnston

ToikeTalks Director

Tudor Sigmund

OnlyFans Coordinator

Ana Vukojevic

Contributing Writers

idk man the toike is kinda dead xd

Graphics Contributors

see above

Content Review

Brohath Amrithraj

Natalia Espinosa-Merlano

Nisha Malik

Deeksha Tewari

Jahnavi Upreti

Navin Vanderwert


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