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A Critical Analysis of Animated Animals

Most people think the prettiest thing is Mufasa, those muscular legs, red mane, strong leader, damn. Others like a man with a mysterious past and a scar to match like, well, Scar. But really Kovu is where it’s at. That’s right from number 2. That badass coat colour, punk hair style with mad flow, like who doesn’t like a bad boy?

When it comes to hypnotic blue eyes it’s Faline that takes the crown. So bright and blue, you could dive right in and go for a swim. Also those legs, holy shit! They are long enough to drive anyone crazy.

Judy Hopps is probably the one that plagues most people’s dreams. Her curves are second to none, just look at her thin waistline and big ass. Her puffy tail is adorable and those ears – perfect to grab onto. I haven’t even begun to talk about how high she bounces. But hey if she’s anything like the Energiser Bunny, she’ll keep going.

And going.

And going.

Looking for something foxy? Robin Hood may just be the fox that you’re looking for.. You know what they call archery targets? Butts. You know what people do to arrow shafts to make sure they don’t get stuck in targets? Lubricate them. So believe me when I tell you that Robin is a professional at pulling lubricated shafts out of butts.

Galloping into the list like the Thoroughbred he is, this is a beast you’re gonna want to mount you. Seriously though look at him get ready to charge, plow me over. Ride him, bareback There is a reason they call him Maximus.

The Beast. It’s in the name.

Emperor Kuzco. Sometimes we all have to take something to unleash the animal inside of us. Who wouldn’t want to meet him at the top of Kuzco-topia to be taken for a ride. You won’t mind him spitting in your face. Kuzco is the llama we love-a.. You won’t mind him spitting on you, you really wont.