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Ask an ArtSci

Dear Annie,

I have an hour of spare time this semester in between classes. What should I do with it?

You could consider taking that hour to practise mindfulness. Just ten minutes of sitting in silence can relieve stress and take your mind off thinking about all of your labs, essays, classes, maintaining your social life, how you haven’t slept or eaten properly in over four days, or that you haven’t called your mother in a month and she’s really worried about you, or that you’re wearing the same shirt you wore yesterday and the day before. It’s easy and fun!

Dear Annie,

ArtSci people are always dressed so well. How can I work some fresh looks into my hectic schedule?

While we are known prioritizing fashion over function, dressing well doesn’t have to be a burden. The secret is to develop expert procrastination techniques, the kind that are tailored to make you “look good, feel good,” and hide the fact that you’re really a hot mess who’s constantly screaming inside. Any ArtSci will tell you that retail therapy is the only kind that works. So the next time you’ve got stuff to do, just forget it and go shopping!

Dear Annie,

I have a lot of anxiety about entering the real world after graduation, but I know I’m still highly employable. How do I cope with my worries as if I were someone majoring in philosophy?

Think of the big picture here: what would Greece have been without it’s architecture and philosophy? Just a bunch of politicians! Everyone’s contributions are valuable.


Dear Annie,

I am the only engineer in a family of musicians, painters, and writers and just don’t feel like I can connect with them. Can you help me?

It’s very common to feel alienated from those you care about most. My father was so disappointed when I told him I wanted to study American literature instead of Canadian literature. Try connecting with them by taking an interest in what they’re doing and be confident in knowing that everything—including engineering—is an art, too.

Dear Annie,

I am currently working on a research paper alongside a professor and have eight essays, on top of labs and writing for the Toike. Do you have any advice on making my writing more effective so I don’t go insane?

Ahh, writing. In a 1956 interview with The Paris Review, author William Faulkner said this of writing: “Ninety-nine percent talent… ninety-nine percent discipline… ten percent luck… twenty percent skill… fifteen percent concentrated power of will… five percent pleasure… fifty percent pain… and a hundred percent reason to remember the name.” Hope this helps!

Dear Annie,

I have been reconsidering engineering and switching to ArtSci. Do you have any advice for making this decision?

Definitely take time to carefully consider why you are making the change and what you want to get out of it. ArtSci might seem like it’s all participation marks and napping, but it’s a lot more than that. It’s about looking total uncertainty about the universe in the face and saying with the confidence of Tyler Durden: “I am free; in all the ways you are not.” And if you’re okay with having absolutely no idea what you’re doing approximately all of the time, ArtSci is for you!