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Q: Can I have fries with that? – Angie Neere

That is, in fact, a question. However, in order to answer it, it is first necessary to define what fries are, and which form of ‘can’ you are using. Fries, as defined by Google, are a meal of meat or other food cooked by frying. It is a logical leap to assume that you mean French Fries, which would be fried potatoes. The question that still remains is which tense of ‘can’ you are using. Given the context of the question, I can assume that you mean ‘can’ as in ‘to be able’. This question can then be rewritten as “Am I able to have a meal of potatoes cooked by frying?”
It is clear, then, that this question is one directed as a feminist critique. This is evident as you are asking if you are able to do something, Ms. Neere. Unfortunately, given that you still feel the need to ask if you are able to do something as menial as eating, I highly doubt you are actually able to have fries with that. Especially considering that I don’t know what ‘that’ is. Is ‘that’ a side of feminism? In which case, the answer is probably yes! But you didn’t really need me to tell you that. So, it is clear that ‘that’ is not feminism, but more than likely a burger. In which case, given that you are still living under some patriarchal mindset, you would not be able to have fries with that because the patriarchy would rather you have a salad than a burger and fries.