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Elon Musk Self-Declared Martian Emperor

It has recently come to light that Elon Musk is currently on Mars, ruling over his rover subjects. A few months ago, Elon Musk sent his prized Tesla Roadster off into space, complete with a space suit as its sole occupant. Except that the space suit wasn’t empty. Yes, Elon had hidden himself in the space suit and blasted off to Mars. Meanwhile, on Earth, a body double is currently masquerading as Musk. Musk’s doppelganger is unfortunately not as wise as the original and his tweets clearly show this. “Musk 2”, as conspiracy theorists everywhere have dubbed him, appears to have little sense of self-preservation. This is further evidenced by his consumption of cannabis on live broadcast. Since arriving on Mars, Elon has been building new infrastructure and putting focus on convincing the Martian people to follow him in his quest to create the Grand Muskian Empire™.