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EngSci Adds New Class to Required Curriculum

Early yesterday morning, Engineering Science Chair Nada Wizaad stated that the program would be adding another course to the already full first year course load. The class, “MUG100: Introduction to Interaction and Assimilation” will help students achieve success both in school and after graduation. This course seeks to teach the students about how everyday people live and interact with one another in casual settings. The course’s curriculum will include modules such as “Small Talk”, “Answering the Phone”, and “Personal Hygiene”.


When asked why this course would be added to an already challenging course load, Ms. Wizaad stated, “Honestly, we need to teach these things as soon as possible to try and mitigate the damage done by years of social ineptitude and general weirdness”. She went on to comment, “It’s like they’re aliens…. literal aliens…. I’ve never had to explain why people ‘take breaks’ before.”


The reaction to the announcement was mixed. Those outside of the Engineering Science faculty wondered why this wasn’t included in the curriculum sooner, whereas others simply wished the students good luck. However, when the Toike Oike asked current Engineering Science students for a comment, most seemed to ignore the question and mutter something indiscernible. Our reporters could only make out something about a robot.