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EngSoc Pub Night Theme Sparks Concern

Several students at the University of Toronto have brought up serious concerns regarding the Black Friday theme of last week’s pub night. Students are calling this night “a gross misuse of a great opportunity.” The concerns in question deal primarily with offensive music played at the event. The bar began the night by blasting “I’m Shipping Up to Boston”; a song aimed at reinforcing the patriarchy.

“There wasn’t even a developed theme that week: drinks were literally just 25 cents off. It was a Black Friday sale, so I don’t understand how cultural appropriation got mixed in with this,” said one oblivious Suds manager. Clearly, the manager in question did not understand how easily the event could have devolved into something offensive, with stereotyping as a major source of unease for students.

The night ended on an all-time low, as the pub played a Semisonic classic, “Closing Time”. The piece was obviously selected as one final push for the marginalizing agenda of the night. The lyrics include, “So gather up your jackets, and move it to the exits.\ I hope you have found a friend.” The intense xenophobia portrayed in these words alone is unfathomable.

A small group of enraged students demanded that future “Black Friday Suds” are more inclusive to the school’s minorities. In addition, they hope that future themes do not revolve around a particular group’s culture.