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Glass Ceiling Turns Out to be Made of Plexiglass, Does not Shatter

Reports from earlier this week confirm that the ceiling everyone had assumed to be glass is in fact constructed out of plexiglass, a material much less brittle and more resistant to shattering. Though equally transparent and lustrous, the acrylic sheet that makes up the ceiling did not do more than bump up and down slightly in response to a recent impact aimed at breaking it.

Many who were following current event lately were keeping close tabs on the state of the ceiling, which many say had been in a state of increasing disrepair for decades. Some even claim to have seen cracks developing recently, but this is unconfirmed as of now. Suggestions concerning the weaknesses thought to be developing in the glass prompted an attempt to break through, but as it turns out, the shatter-proof polymethyl methacrylate construction of the ceiling is sturdier than most polls suggested.

This discovery has prompted a thorough reassessment of how thick the transparent barrier really is, and brought up many questions regarding how it was built in the first place. Meanwhile, some may find themselves feeling confused or even concussed after banging their heads on the stubborn structure.