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International Women’s Day: Caretaking Staff horrified as Feminine products clog lavatory

Late evening on International Women’s Day, caretaking staff member Jonathan Nguyen discovered feminine products had clogged the women’s toilets in a Sanford Fleming bathroom during his nightly cleaning rounds.

“I noticed several pens in the U-bend of the toilet. Turns out they were the BIC For Her line of pens,” explained Nguyen.

Nguyen has been a caretaking staff at the University of Toronto since the 2008 financial crisis. He has found countless different “feminine” products clogging drains such as the Handyman Pink WomanTM screwdriver set, Silky-Soft Earplugs by Sleepwill™, and Sexy Lady Laxatives™ by Bigfarma.

“This is a serious problem. We’ve been putting up signs asking people not to flush feminine products down the toilet, but every now and then, people still toss their feminine products in pipes It causes hundreds of dollars in water breakages, ” Ngyuen added.

In a later statement, the President of the university expressed her disgust over the plumbing problems. “These feminine products should be banned from the university, as their gendered properties are particularly damaging to the piping and the foundations of the university,” she announced. “We should opt to use gender neutral products such as regular screwdrivers and regular pens to clog our toilets.”

It is not yet clear why many women at U of T are flushing away these feminine products. However, Nguyen has confided his concerns that men might follow and begin dumping masculine products such as Xtreme Mean Men’s Toothpaste, Kleenex Man Size, Hungry Man Pre-Made Meals, and Doritos: For Men.