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Jack Tanner Appeals Drug Conviction Based on Legalization of Marijuana

With the legalization of marijuana now in effect across the Enchanted Forest, those citizens previously convicted of drug-related crimes have been anxiously awaiting a decision as to whether or not they will be pardoned. However, with Prime Minister Charming’s announcement that only those arrested for possession of a small amount of marijuana will be pardoned, many of these convicts are turning to the Court of Appeals to have their convictions overturned. One such citizen is Jack Tanner, who was convicted of possession of marijuana with intent to sell nearly two years ago.


“We were informed by multiple people that Mr. Tanner was growing a crop of marijuana behind his house,” said Officer Rumple Skin in his original testimony to the court. “When we arrived on scene, we found Mr. Tanner chopping down a weed-stalk tall enough to reach the clouds in his backyard. The sheer amount of marijuana and the fact that the defendant just so happened to come into a large sum of money around the same time led us to believe that he was growing the stuff to sell it.”


“I wasn’t trying to grow that weed-stalk,” said Jack during his initial interrogation. “I didn’t even know what I was growing. I had just sold my cow for what I thought were magic seeds. My mother was so mad that she threw the seeds out the window. The next morning, there was this giant weed-stalk.”


Though his story was initially dismissed as ridiculous, Jack is hoping that he’ll be taken seriously on appeal. “I’m just hoping that the man who sold me those ‘magic beans’ two years ago will finally come forward now that marijuana is legal and tell everyone the truth. I’m sure that he’d be able to convince everyone that I wasn’t trying to grow or sell all that weed. And then everyone will finally believe my story.”


Should the court overturn Jack’s conviction, it is unclear whether the other aspects of Jack’s story will be investigated and prosecuted. Specifically, Jack could be convicted of two counts of theft and one count of second-degree murder.