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Local Saloon’s Event Theme Deemed Culturally Insensitive

A popular local saloon, Studs, has recently come under fire for their decision to host a First Nations-themed event this past week. Members of local tribes have called the event a gross appropriation of their cultural heritage, with non-Natives at the party flagrantly flaunting ceremonial headdresses, footwear, and bottles of moonshine replete with signed pieces of paper deemed useless to anyone but the holder.

“They should have consulted with us before hosting an event in what is clearly very poor taste,” said Chief Irma T. Riggers, head of one of the tribes that felt most offended by the incident.

Studs representatives fired back, stating that “no one owns the rights to these costumes; we’re all just trying to have a good time. Besides, one of the Studs managers is half-Indian anyways, so that makes it okay, right?”

The backlash comes just as the vitriol after a previous event, Fiesta Studs, had been dying down. As a result, some pundits are starting to wonder if the establishment bears any respect for other cultures whatsoever.

“Absolute hogwash, all of it,” said Devon O’Leary. “Why, just last year they held a marvelous St. Patty’s day event, replete with the time-honoured Irish traditions of shamrocks, leprechauns, and serving everyone alcohol to the point of blacking out. Of course they’re respectful of other cultures!”

Officials from the Engineering Society declined to comment, citing the Society’s position of aggressive political neutrality in all controversial situations.