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For decades, numerologists have conducted intensive research into the connection between numbers and their effect on our daily lives. This week, researchers at the Numerology University made a major breakthrough that strongly suggests the existence of the Illuminati and its role in shaping 2020. 

“We conducted a thorough investigation into the number ‘2020’”, says Mr. Cipher. “If you take each of the digits (2,0,2,0) and sum them together (2+0+2+0), you get a total of 4. Since Coronavirus began spreading in January, we have to subtract 1: 4-1 = 3. And what shape does a polygon with 3 sides make? You guessed it…a triangle! The very symbol of the Illuminati.”

Mr. Cipher believes the Illuminati is responsible for collaborating with the World Health Organization in synthesizing COVID-19 in the lab, and releasing it into the world. “We haven’t quite yet proven this mathematically, but our team is working hard on this and we expect to have definitive answers very soon”.

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