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Malaysia Airlines flight lands safely

A rare occurrence happened last week when Malaysia Airlines flight 309 landed safely in Singapore. Although officials say the landing might have been just a coincidence, optimists are in search of a second landing that will prove that a pattern is taking place.

According to Malaysia Airline CEO, they have been the safest airline in the world for years because even terrorists are afraid to fly with them. The planes are also equipped with special “out-of flight” safety packages, consisting of seats at the airport from which you can watch your flight leave.

Investigators are still trying to determine how flight 309 managed to land with on engine, three-quarters of its original wingspan, and a collection of live sharks onboard. The crew and passengers have been of little help, but investigators are optimistic that the next survivors of the Malaysian Airlines system will be more informative.

At time of writing, they continue to wait for another Malaysian Airlines flight to land.