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Medsci Outlaws Strike Again

It has been announced in a press release that the Sheriff Attiliator has just put an end to another raid by the MedSci outlaws on the engineering buildings this past Thursday. It is believed that the MedScis wanted to reach the Engineers’ beer reserves at the heart of Studs, the local four-star saloon. Raids have been increasing in frequency recently, such that increased protection has been granted to the caravans of F!rosh roaming around campus. A warning has been issued against walking through MedSci territory, as the MedSci outlaws have also been reported to be kidnapping Engineers in exchange for Studs tickets as ransom.

It has been confirmed that the MedScis are also raiding the proud colonists of the campus frontier, laying waste to all the ingéniosité the engineers have generously placed there. Lieutenant Grand Major Barry has warned that the MedScis pose a great threat to the completion of the cross-campus railway designed by the engineers.

It has been confirmed by a random individual that the MedScis’ ultimate goal is to once again steal Ye Olde Mighty Skule Cannon. The mayor, Mr. Bluengoald, has stated that he plans on sending in a spy into the MedSci ranks to lead them into stealing a Trojan Cannon (not to be confused with a brand of condoms).