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Mold Growing in Skule Servers Due to Dank Meme Excess

Many participants in Godiva’s Quest this January experienced the terrible misfortune of the site going down. A deeply penetrating investigation into the matter found both sites had crashed due to a mold outbreak in the Skule servers. The cause of the sudden growth was traced back to a folder full of dank memes, which had created a warm, moist environment ripe for fungal infestation.

The memes ranged from John Cena, to doge, and even some exceptionally rare Pepes that have piqued the interest of collectors around the world. Contractor Mike Baglia has predicted that the age of some of the memes (namely a number of parodies of Rebecca Black’s hit single Friday) will make it extremely difficult to clean the servers and eliminate the invading fungus.

The memes are also located next to a folder that the owner will want to keep untouched. It reportedly contains some very discrete information, though we’re unsure as to its exact contents. While it was initially speculated that the folder might contain pornography, the name of the folder, “def1n1t3ly_n0t_pr0n,” indicated otherwise.

The Toike Oike Editor-in-Chief quickly jumped to the defense of the folder on the grounds that it contained old Toike articles, and they should stop looking into it guys, really, it’s no big deal, seriously guys. From this journalist’s perspective, it seems that the editor’s character should seriously be called into question, especially given his recent rejection of a niche joke from the newspaper.