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Nation’s White Girls to Protest #AvocadoTax

In accordance with one of President Trump’s central campaign promises, his administration has set in motion a series of actions that would require higher taxes on products entering the U.S. from neighbouring countries, like Mexico.

As a result, the avocado—beloved by all brunch-going white girls everywhere—will likely increase in price, spelling trouble for chains like Chipotle whose guacamole has become a symbol of wealth and status amongst white people.

“Like he can’t just do that,” said Becky Campbell, a first-year undecided. “Aren’t there laws or something? It’s like when I’m asked if I know guac is extra. Like of course I know. So. Frustrating.”

Protests and demonstrations have occurred nearly every day since Trump’s inauguration in January, most notably the Women’s March which took place simultaneously in countries around the world.

“I’m not sure where I stand on feminism and stuff, so I didn’t go to any of that,” said Becky Henderson, a third-year Film Studies major. “But I know where #IStandWithGuac.”

Posters have popped up all over campus attempting to raise awareness for the cause with various slogans including #JeSuisGuac, #AllAvocadosMatter, and #MakeGuacNotWar.

“He just wants to watch the world burn,” second-year Sociology major Becky Smith told the Toike. “He may take our freedom, but he can never take our guac!”

Smith noted that the actual protest will be sometime around high-waisted shorts and flowered crown season, or “whenever I get back from my summer exchange in France.”