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Opinion: Addressing White Walker Privilege

Recently, I’ve read some SJWs’ tumblr posts whining about White Walker privilege. These so-called fighters for “equality” baselessly attack our rights to make the world white with snow and mobilize armies of Wights to kill all others. I hope this article will address their misguided complaints and provide an example of the courage we should all have to express the unpopular truth against the southern-wing PC status quo.

To address the concerns that we seem racially biased when enforcing our peacekeeping measures – we strike fear into the hearts of our enemies equally. We’re just trying to keep them in their place, and if they all happen to be Black Brothers, well, that isn’t our fault. The 800-foot-tall wall is a necessary race barrier to deter the Black Brothers of the Night’s Watch from polluting our society with their violent tendencies. Despite this, they still send small bands of men and the occasional army up north in order to rape and pillage our land, all under the pretense of “protecting their land” and “defending their living human rights”.

We’ve also heard complaints that there is a preference for Wight models in advertising. What are they talking about? I mean, the Maybelline ad on this page looks amazing. Don’t you wish you had that complexion?

As for the idea that we’re exclusionary, we actually take in anyone. All you have to do is die north-ish of the wall. I think it’s fair to say that if you’re willing to show your commitment by giving your life to the cause, then you’ve earned the right to murder whomever you please and cause chaos and darkness wherever you go. Plus, the ladies love us –  as the saying goes, once you go Wight, you’re doing it right.

So, in conclusion, any argument regarding us having White Walker privilege is SJW propaganda, and shouldn’t be trusted. I mean, it’s not our fault we were reborn this way.