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Peppa Pig Fans Outraged Over Unstereotypical Outfit

It’s a girl, it’s a pig, it’s- a female pig wearing pants? 

That was the non-gender conforming sight in the “Peppa Pig” show last Saturday morning that greeted regular viewers whilst enjoying their usual baby food and bottled milk, to the horror of many passionate fans.

“I was getting ready to start my weekend with my usual watch of Peppa,” explained 29 year-old Petra C. Panda, a young Canadian viewer from Toronto, “when all of a sudden, Peppa starts wearing, of all things, some cartoon jeans!”

“It came out of nowhere,” stated Delphine Dubya, founder of, in response to the episode where Peppa is seen wearing pants before going skydiving from 10,000 feet.

“Peppa has always been seen as the pristine puritan girl, the Virgin Piggy, the one who would deliver us from our depraved ways- and now she’s wearing immodest male clothes? This is an utterly despicable move from the show’s creators to grab that extra slice of a progressive viewer base, nevermind the show’s core values! They’re seeking profits over principles, money over morals, and care more about their bottom line than the bottom half of Peppa,” declared an exasperated Dubya.

“She wears feminine garb on the TV show, in her Christmas specials, on the official figurine– I mean, even the Play-Doh™ model of Peppa features her wearing a dress! And now that she wears pants- what are we supposed to do, just call her ‘Phillip Pig’ now?” Ms. Panda cried before dramatically falling on the ground, sobbing.

There were more tears to be found in this reporter’s masked-up investigation on the streets, where the Toike Oike went to collect viewpoints from the general Peppa Pig fanbase. The reactions were, generally, dumbfounded.

Many fans appeared to be unable to handle the extreme bombshell of Peppa’s new fashion style, with common bewildered responses including “Wha awe panz?”, “Goo-goo Gah-gah”, and one young fan even reacting to the news with a screeching fit after several microphones were crammed into their face to capture their full opinion. Whatever the show’s progressive intention, it remains clear that Peppa Pig’s pinafores won’t be losing this prudish fandom’s attention for quite some time.