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Point-Counterpoint: You Unravel a Conspiracy Because of the Yarn vs wut? 

Okay, hear me out. Why do people talk about unraveling conspiracies when they’re getting to the bottom of things? Is it because conspiracies are complicated like spider-webs? Partially. It’s because when you’re getting to the bottom of conspiracies, you use a cork board and push pins and YARN. (Red yarn to be specific) 

Um, I’m sorry but what the hell are you talking about? 

The yarn you use to figure out that your wife’s brother’s boss’s second-cousin is secretly in charge of the favourite matchbook company for Satanists looking to summon Hellspawn to our dimension. You know, the red stuff you wrap around the push-pins after you pin up the pictures of your suspects on the cork board? 

I know I’m going to regret this but go on. 

Well, you UNRAVEL the conspiracy because you’re UNRAVELING that ball of yarn. 

I have no idea what you’re talking about. 

Oh my God. You’re part of the conspiracy! I’ve gotta get out of here! 

Please do……………yeah, we have a Code 7 that needs to be dealt with immediately.