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Predator Drone Found Surveying Children’s Playground

Recent reports of a predator drone spotted near a children’s playground have been confirmed by witnesses and security tapes. The Obama administration has already faced criticism since the reports appeared, but the Pentagon has neither confirmed nor denied the presence of the drone thus far.

Locals are outraged by the disturbing presence at their community park, and many are calling for much tighter restrictions on where predator drones can fly. Advocates of unmanned aerial vehicle operations have suggested that this may all be a misunderstanding, that perhaps the drone was just resting after a long day surveying Pakistani mountainsides, and meant no harm to the children playing nearby.

Further interviews with parents living in the vicinity of the playground, as well as comments from the children themselves, have indicated that this may not be the first instance of surveying activities in the community. “The Air Force needs to get their act together”, said one local mother of three. “I, for one, don’t support the use of drones at all, much less when there are children around.”

As the U.S. government battles criticism and media organizations attempt to discern the truth of the situation, it seems as if a broader problem with UAV activities is coming to light. Experts have even suggested that an even greater risk is present for youth who unwittingly connect with predator drones in online chat rooms.

As of yet, the predator drone has not been able to be reached for comments.