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Price Of Periods Increases, Forcing Toike To Use Run-On Sentences

During these hard economic times it seems that everything is getting hit in some way or another from clothes, to beer, to musical instruments, to beer again, to burritos, to beer, and to beer, of course, and now something even as trivial as punctuation has been affected by markups, and the Toike has taken serious notice because despite the Toike’s fantastic use and management of funding, the price of periods has drastically increased over the past economic quarter while the prices of all other characters have remained the same including the lowercase letter “i”, which is a merely period nestled atop a stick, meaning we can use all the iiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiiii’s we want, but the Toike needs to limit its use of periods, which has resulted in a surplus of run on sentences that writers are finding difficult to deal with, and the whole situation is giving editors who have to review each article for grammar and language a headache because they are experiencing shortness of breath due to the lack of breaks between sentences in articles that not only make it difficult to read the whole thing, but also incredibly awkward for those trying to read said articles aloud since not even the end of the article has a period!