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Rowling announces latest book in the Harry Potter series; says it will outshine Wattpad fanfiction

Rowling, author of the famous Harry Potter series, has announced in her latest press release, that the latest Harry Potter book – Harry Potter and his Forbidden Dark Desire for Draco Malfoy – will be soon out on shelves. Rowling is quick to add that “this book is written specifically to outshine Wattpad fanfiction”, which comes as a relief to readers after years of resentment since the debut of mid-tiered Wattpad quality Cursed Child. Fans are pleased to note Rowling’s noble goal of outshining Wattpad fanfiction, and believe that this is something all authors, especially of Rowling’s stature, should aspire to.

The Toike was lucky enough to interview Rowling, who gushed to our team about her book. “I’m really excited to release this book! I’ve never tried writing fanfiction before – well, not intentionally – so I look forward to getting the reception from my fans, who’ve always shipped Draco and Harry together.” However, the most notable part of our interview was the fact that Rowling’s newfound passion for fanfiction seemed to completely sideline her past interest in political correctness. Not once did Rowling mention the empowerment of LGBTQ+ community nor the eradication of toxic masculinity, (topics we nervously anticipated) in the duration of the interview. 

Perhaps this book signifies a new era for JK Rowling, both professionally and politically. In the meanwhile, Potterheads can enjoy a dose of their favourite ship (#Drarry) in a racy format that guarantees to outperform Wattpad. 


Harry Potter and his Forbidden Dark Desire For Draco Malfoy


Harry Potter, now a middle-aged dad, lives with his wife Ginny and 3 children. Life is content, but predictable. In his heart, he knows he wants something more… Draco Malfoy is on the verge of a broken marriage, and risks losing his wife and son Scorpius forever. In his heart, he knows what he wants but he is torn between his duty and his true desires… Through a chance encounter on Parents-Teachers day, Harry and Draco find themselves alone in a Hogwarts hallway. Will they quench their old desires? And at what cost?