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Senior Staff Writer Writes Comic

Alright, I’m gonna be honest here – I can’t draw. I mean, if I had any artistic talent, wouldn’t I be the Graphics Director? I specialise in diction and syntax, so let me paint you a word-comic.


A four-panel comic composed of equal-sized rectangular panels.


Panel 1 – A turtleneck-clad Steve Jobs stands pensively in a field to the left of a beautiful mature Gala apple tree. The tree casts a long shadow over Jobs, obscuring the details of his face. Despite the shadow, a clear look of concern is on his face; he worries about his legacy. Will Steve ever truly accomplish greatness? A beautiful red Gala apple falls gently towards Jobs; he catches it with his long, pale fingers.


Panel 2 – Steve holds the Gala apple in his lanky tendrils. An idea comes to Jobs; the Gala apple is fragile and mortal, yet upon biting it is crisp yet delicate, tart yet sweet. It is yin and yang, alpha and omega. The Gala apple is the beginning of life for the Gala apple tree, yet it must rot and die for the seedling to sprout. Mortality, death spawns life. The computer is the same; it lives to serve, it lives for a greater purpose. It must serve and die for the user. It must give itself for the user.


Panel 3 – Jobs bites the Gala apple; this symbolises his acceptance of his role as the creator of this subservient technology. He understands that to create an apple, he too must become the apple, and, thus, bites. Apples to apples, rust to rust. Jobs becomes the apple, and understands that he shall rot so that the tree of technological advancement may bloom.


Panel 4 – The end of the Jobssaga, he stands again in the field, visibly aged, with simulated joy on his face. A haunting melancholy can be felt in the wear on his face, and the thinness of his torso. He looks down into an iPhone, contemplating the material nature of his life, understanding that the iPhone is his seedling and he, the apple, will die. He gives the ultimate sacrifice in pursuit of a legacy. The apple tree stands unchanged over time, a symbol of the infinite nature of the impact of Apple.