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Sphinx’s Surgeon Tells All

With coronavirus restrictions being eased in Egypt, tourists are once again flocking to the most popular sites. However, people have started noticing something different about one of the world’s oldest monuments. Yes friends, it seems that the regal riddle-lover herself, the Sphinx, used her time out of the spotlight to get some stonework done.

“Of course she had some work done,” said Michelangelo, stone surgeon to the stars. “She’s obviously had a nose job. New noses don’t just grow on 4000+ year old monuments. I can’t say exactly who did the work for legal reasons, but I won’t say it’s not me.”

One of the more surprising revelations from our discussion with Michelangelo was that this is not the first time the Sphinx has had her nose done.

“The scarring in the nasal area is too precise to have been natural. I think it’s pretty clear that the Sphinx has had some previous work done.”

So, there you have it people. The Sphinx has had not one but multiple nose jobs. Should this really be considered entertainment? Probably not. Does it affect our readers? Also no. Is this culture that uses the personal lives of celebrities as entertainment eroding the very foundations of our society? Yes. Yes, it is.