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Strange Indeed: A High Review of Doctor Strange

What’s up my fellow stoned cinephiles of SkuleTM? This month’s high movie review is gonna be for Marvel’s Doctor Strange starring Bureaucrat Cummerbund. I was on some pretty strong stuff for this one so I’m not sure what the fuck was actually happening in the film. I mean, at one point, I thought Crabapple’s hand started growing smaller hands from his fingertips. Honestly, I had to leave the room for a few minutes after that because I started freaking out. Hands aren’t supposed to have more hands on them. When I got back to the movie, Benefactor Crinkleton was actually starting to do some cool magic shit and it was really fucking dope. Yeah, I’m like 82% sure this movie had magic in it. 78% sure. I’ll be honest, I thought I was getting clear headed by the end but then, I don’t even know what happened but it felt like they were playing the same scene over and over again. I was seeing some crazy shit on the screen so I had to close my eyes but I swear Coffeebreath said “Darrell, I’ve come to barter” like twenty times in a row.


Anyways, I have to review the movie so let’s start with some stuff I liked. I don’t feel comfortable talking about the visual effects since the entire theatre was spinning around me so I’ll get into the characters. As always, Burberry Cloggedtoilet was his charming self. I was a bit disappointed that he was talking American and never once said “No shit, Sherlock” when he was showing off to people, but there’s only so much you can ask of the studio. But I think everyone can agree that the true star of the film was the incomparable Wong Knowles. Dude’s. Fucking. Dope. That laugh at the end brought such pure joy to my heart that I, for one brief shining moment, forgot that I was in engineering. But then I remembered. And I was sad. I wonder if I should play Wong laughing on a loop while I’m studying.


Anyhow, to conclude, Doctor Strange was a time. I’d highly recommend it if you’re looking for something to watch at 4:20 on a Saturday afternoon. It was fun and, more importantly, it had a great message. Don’t be afraid to drive too fast while examining incredibly complex medical documents, because you might get super powers…Wait, that can’t be the message. Umm…If some extradimensional demon is threatening your existence, just annoy it into leaving you alone. Is that a good message? Follow the rules until it’s inconvenient not too?!?!?


Yeah, maybe don’t try to learn some sort of life lesson from a movie about wizards………Bye.