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Study: Epic Rap Battles of History Deemed More Useful than Most History Classes

A new study published by the American Society of Historians (ASH) has determined that the popular internet series, “Epic Rap Battles of History,” is actually more informative than the average history class in the United States of America. The study gathered a pool of over ten thousand elementary and high school students from across the United States and split them into two groups. One group was instructed to attend their regular history class and take diligent notes while the other group was fully removed from their history classes entirely and was instructed to watch as many episodes of ERB as they wanted.

The groups were then given a monthly history test covering the material both groups were exposed to in the previous month. The results of the tests show that the ERB group outperformed the history class group by approximately twelve percentage points. Moreover, the results show that, despite the ERB group’s lack of knowledge of many historical events, they were extremely well-versed in specific people’s achievements. The ERB group also scored twenty-five percentage points better than the history class group on questions that weren’t explicitly taught to either section, indicating that this group did more supplemental research in their own time.

I’m sorry but this study isn’t at all shocking. Honestly, it’s a testament to how broken the American education system is. So, can we all take a minute…just a minute…and think about how cool this obscure historical organization’s name is! They are literally called ASH! That’s fucking AWESOME! And, if you don’t think that’s awesome, you can jump up your own ass and die because you’re a fucking moron. Fuck Indiana Jones. ASH is what’s going to make history sexy again.