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The Greatest Websites You’ve Never Heard Of

One of my friends was telling me how I just had to check out this website to watch some pretty cool shows. And boy was he right! I dunno where you can go to watch the things he was talking about, but this has got to be the greatest website ever! I mean, it would be cooler if it were easier to move around on the website, but it’s certainly worth it to just look at this cat picture. Definitely a must see! 3/5

Holy fuck is right. If you like random facts, and swearing, this is definitely the site for you! This is one fucking awesome site for people who like educating their ignorant asses while not giving a shit about strong language. From random ass facts to sweet ass website links, if you can think of it, well, there’s still no guarantee they’ll have it. A potentially bitchin’ home page. Fuck. 3.5/5

For when you have an essay to do, and just don’t care enough to actually do the work. Load up the website, type in your topic, and it’ll give you a perfect prompt. All you have to do is type. The weird thing about this website is that it didn’t actually type what I wanted it to type. It kept talking about all of these random points that had nothing to do with what I was typing. I even tried typing garbage and it turned it into actual words. This website is super weird, but good if you’re in a rush and don’t value your GPA, or future… 2/5

I… I don’t even know why this website is here… I just… 10/5 ALL GLORY TO THE HYPNOTOAD.

At first it seems like a pretty harmless website about a cute dancing worm that follows your pointer. Then it turns into a rave machine if you move your pointer fast enough, which is pretty much the coolest thing ever. Would definitely become a hit at parties if it ever took off. If not, it’ll probably still be a hit at my parties. Then again, it might just be the ecstasy. 4/5

I had no trouble finishing a thorough review of this website, and I would have thought it was more popular. I mean, who doesn’t love free porn? They’ve got almost everything! And yet strangely, everyone who I spoke to swore that they’ve never even heard of Pornhub. Some of them said they didn’t even know what porn is, which I found kinda weird. But hey, if they’ve never heard of it, I’m doing even more of a service to our readers with this review. Great site. Great videos. It really should be more popular given that it’s free porn. 5”/5”