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The Toike Oike’s 2016 New Years Resolution Suggestions

Tired of New Year’s Resolutions that you can’t stick to? The Toike Oike has got you covered with some great ideas!

  1. Quit Facebook
  2. Join Tinder
  3. Lose three pounds (deal with constipation problem)
  4. Lose 150 pounds (dump boyfriend)
  5. Find pants – you may need your phone, keys, and wallet
  6. Drink less expensive liquor
  7. Learn to love keg beer
  8. Make more friends…
  9. …on MySpace
  10. Buy a gym membership…
  11. … Let someone else use it.
  12. Come up with better excuses to give up on resolutions
  13. Come up with better excuses to start a revolution
  14. Quit smoking cigarettes
  16. Switch to 8K
  17. Don’t let your dreams be dreams
  18. Come up with better New Year’s resolutions for next year