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To Comply with Tuition Drop, U of T to Remove MS Paint from All Computers

In response to the Ontario Legislature’s recent announcement of a 10% tuition reduction across the province, the University of Toronto has announced that it will need to reduce and/or eliminate some of the services it provides to students.


“With no way of replacing the funds lost by this reduction, we regret to announce that we will no longer be able to provide our students with access to certain computer applications, laboratories or other on-campus facilities,” said Geric Mertler, Big Boss Dude of the University of Toronto.


According to sources in the Office of the Dean of Engineering, students will need to pay for access to the fabrication labs and the computer labs if they are not using them during class hours, as well as pay for access to other university facilities like the libraries and gyms.


Additionally, students will see numerous applications disappear from Engineering Computing  Facility (ECF) computers. Due to their reduced working budget, the Faculty of Applied Science and Engineering has been forced to no longer provide students free access to Microsoft Paint or Paint 3D. It seems that these programs are too sophisticated to continue to run on the ECF servers and too expensive to keep on the ECF computers.


Paint and Paint 3D are not the only programs being removed from the ECF computers as Google Chrome, Matlab, and Autodesk are also to be removed. In their absence, it seems students will have to turn to inferior programs like Internet Explorer and Adobe Photoshop to meet their internet browsing and graphical designing needs.