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Toike Editor Forbids Publication of Nietzche Joke

Following his refusal to publish an extremely niche joke in February’s issue, Editor-In-Chief Ryan Williams once again shot down a joke that was put forward during an ideas meeting by one of the staff writers. This time, he claimed the joke was too Nietzsche, and that nobody would find it funny. In fact, his exact words were, “That isn’t funny – it’s bleak and depressing.”

However, with the Editor-In-Chief bound and gagged in the corner of an unnamed room following a recent staff mutiny, the writer of the joke decided to pitch it to Williams once more in the hopes of him agreeing to publish the joke. Unfortunately, his words were panicked muffled noises, so what he said can only be assumed to be that it would be a great idea to publish this joke now, well done Kark, you’re the best writer on staff, I don’t know what we’d do without you. To which the writer replied, “Yeah, I know, Ryan. You don’t have to keep telling me that  all the time.”

Needless to say, the joke has been included with the publication of this article about the controversy surrounding it. The masterful piece of humour in question is as follows:

Vhy did herr chicken cross ze road?

Ze chicken und ze road are not real. Hahaha. God is dead. You laugh now.