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Eng Sci Reduces Monthly Course Load to 420 Hours!

In a surprise move from the Division of Engineering Science, there will be a one-time-only reduction of monthly course loads down to 420 hours for all students. While they did not disclose their motives for the massive reduction, some are speculating this could be a response to the recent cannabis legalization. Many also think this [...]

Weed is Harmless

JEFF’S MOTHER’S HOUSE, GREEKTOWN – “Man, weed hasn’t ever killed anyone,” puffed Jeff Papadopoulos, resting his blunt on a pile of dry leaves and paper scraps, “Name one guy who died because of weed.”   Papadopoulos, 23, lives in his mother’s home just off of the Danforth. Built in 1918 and almost immediately purchased by [...]