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AITA for going to York?

I spent all of high school studying very hard and ended with a 169.420% GPA. It totally burnt me out and I had absolutely no fun doing it.

My parents really wanted me to go to UofT for Computer Engineering since my dad is a computer engineer, and his father before him was an electrical engineer, and his father before him was also an electrical engineer, whose mother was a civil engineer (ha). They really had their hearts set on me going to the program, up to the point where they bought me all the things I needed – including an industry grade oscilloscope.

I, however, no longer have any motivation to pursue UofT engineering, and have decided to apply to York University for Dramatic Arts. I got in and have decided to accept the offer, and am now going.

My parents called me an asshole for accepting the offer and dishonoring my family’s lineage. So r/uoft, AITA?

u/LionsDens WHO? WHO? Y U! Y U!

u/WaterlooGeese Obviously didn’t get into UW because your average was lower than 180%

— u/QueensParkGeese Nah. They just had a personality.