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PCP – Onion vs Onion II: Far Far Away

They say a sequel never can outdo the original, but Onion II: Far Far Away completely defies this standard.


Seriously? Have you even seen the two movies? The original Onion far outclasses its successor.


The story of the second contains significantly more depth than the first. We follow the story of a man who learns to overcome his insecurities and self doubt about his new position as Prince of Far Far Away. He understands that he cannot change who he is, and learns to be content with his own life.


Sure, but the character arcs and journeys of the original Onion transcend just our protagonist. Not only does the hero learn to move past his vulnerabilities and understand what is truly important in life, pronouncing his love for the princess, she also learns that her views are flawed, and that outward image does not equate to perfection.


But consider the characters of Far Far Away! This movie introduced classics such as Puss in Boots, who even developed his own spin off movie for the Onion Cinematic Universe.


Are you forgetting the tale of Lord Fuckwad?


Perhaps, but the music choices of Onion II are simply unforgettable. How could you miss the courageous quest of our hero and the sacrifice of Mongo, the giant gingerbread man – all to the tune of “I Need a Hero,” a song which embodies the moment perfectly.


You ain’t the sharpest tool in the shed if you seriously believe that one. All Star immediately sets the tone for the film. It’s a fantastic introduction that lets you know right away – this isn’t your average fairy tale.


Very well, but at the very least can we pretend that Onion the Third never existed?


The Third? What are you talking about? There were only two films in the main Onion series.