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Point-Counterpoint: We Fought Against Communism in World War 2 vs I’m Sorry, What?

We started World War 2 to fight the commies in Russia and to keep communism from taking over France. My father fought hard to liberate the French from socialism and communism, and I intend to continue that fight in the Senate.

I’m sorry, what?

Here we go. Another triggered lib who won’t debate me with facts.

Honestly, I’m just trying to decide where to start.

Facts don’t care about your feelings.

Not once have I said anything about feelings.

You just did. Check me. I win.

The saying is “checkmate” and no, you don’t win. And no, we didn’t start World War 2. We actually joined the War after the Nazis launched Operation Barbarossa and betrayed the Soviet Union. Which means that we were fighting with communist countries, including China, against fascism. Tension with these communist countries didn’t start until after the Nazis were defeated when–

It is a fact that people feel that we fought against communism in World War 2.

I thought facts didn’t care about your feelings.

[Takes knee]

You know that only works in football with time running out when you’re actually winning, right?