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Super Meat Boy Receives Political Correctness Patch

For the first time in a long time, the indie classic Super Meat Boy is receiving an update to deal with political correctness issues brought up by Tumblr and similar social justice movements. In the official announcement, the game’s developers stated that hundreds of new playable characters will be released in the coming patch to satisfy everyone and anyone’s dietary and gender needs.

Many people shied away from Super Meat Boy because of its restriction to a carnivorous diet, which many people are against, and the male gender. Now, the game features Non-Pork Meat Boy, Halal Meat Boy, Chicken Boy, Vegetable Boy, and more, as well as any gender variations on those characters. “The in-game appearance between characters of different genders will be literally indiscernible,” said the game’s leading graphics artist, “since we felt that putting any identifiers would conform to stereotypes. Besides, they’re all giant wads of meat (and now veggies), so it’s hard to distinguish them anyway.”