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The 7 Best Libraries to Get Drunk In (#5 Will Surprise You)

#7 Knox College Library

Drown your sorrows in Communion wine and Christian knowledge in this seldom-used library located right near that big dome-y thing!


#6 Bora Laskin Law Library

Prepare for a future of getting people off by beginning your descent into darkness (and alcoholism) at this professional school’s library. 


#5 Map and Data Library 

What’s better than reading maps and data while pounding a bottle of $7 rum on a Tuesday afternoon?


#4 John W. Graham Library at Trinity College

Drink to forget that you’re at Trinity College. 


#3 Robarts Library 

Crack open a cold one in the depths of this resplendent beige turkey. Don’t be afraid to get lit on one of the umpteen floors of this fowl creature. #StacksOnStacksOnStacks


#2 Engineering and Computer Science Library in Sandford Fleming

Always a good place to get fucked up, Sandford Fleming is known as “Party Central” to upper-years. Go ahead, ask your F!rosh leedur about “Party Central.” 


#1 Gerstein Science Information Centre

YEAH BOI. Get litty in the gender-neutral ruler of libraries. #GersteinGang #WeOutHere