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Theory: Kristoff Has Anna Dress Up as a Reindeer During…You Know

Disclaimer: The following piece is not the product of The Toike’s reporting. The claims made by the author are unverified and should therefore not be misconstrued as facts. They are presented as opinions, specifically the opinions of the author and not the Toike. Though we have chosen to publish these opinions, we in no way endorse them. So please don’t sue us, Disney.

Friends, today I present to you INDISPUTABLE PROOF that Kristoff and Anna of Disney’s Frozen have engaged in SEXUAL INTERCOURSE OF THE FURRY PERSUASION!

Now, dear reader, you may be wondering what kind of proof I could have of this outside of some rather disturbing, and erotic, sketches on 4chan. Well, of course I have proof.

First of all, there’s the glaringly obvious reference to BDSM at the end of Frozen 2 when Anna tells Kristoff “I prefer you in leather”. Then, of course, there’s Kristoff’s obvious attraction to his reindeer, Sven, which suggests that he has previously engaged in bestiality. If Anna and Kristoff are engaged in these sorts of Pulp Fiction-y sexual activities and Kristoff is sexually attracted to reindeer, is it really a stretch to say that Kristoff has 100% asked Anna to dress up as a reindeer and Anna definitely obliged?

As the great Newt Gingrich might have said once, “it is a fact that people feel that Anna and Kristoff are furries.”