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Timetables: Engineering’s Most Unrealistic Fantasy

The dragon and the Donkey in Shrek can actually have babies, Frodo can resist the goddamn Ring,

but you,

my fellow engineer, will never have a manageable timetable!

You might be a Frosh and still have that tiny speck of hope, but oh my naive friend,

you’ll lose that hope faster than a cheetah runs.

You will always be that nail biting,

Quercus checking, student number forgetting little dude,

who is trying their best not to activate the Myhal microphone at their table.

When the “Orientation” course not only has a textbook, but weekly readings and a final exam too, don’t even bother stressing about the mechanics course and its worth 60% final exam.

Just fill your water bottle with your choice of alcoholic drink and chug

through the curriculum. And no it’s not day drinking,

cause it’s probably night and party time somewhere in this world.

So from now don’t believe in the fairytale that your

“manageable timetable” is gonna come riding on a white horse.

Just wake up in the morning after snoozing 12 times and find your way to the campus,

and give yourself a gold star!