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Toike Senior Staff Writer Gets Lazy, Submits Previously Published Article

ENGCOM – In a bold move worthy of immortalization on the U of T Wall of Shame, Senior Staff Writer Eduardo Graham has reportedly managed to set a new low bar for the failing Toike Oike by submitting a previously published article. It seems that Mr. Graham thought that an article from the November 2018 issue of the Toike (“Man Goes to Hamilton, Has Bad Trip”) warranted re-printing. 

“Honestly, I’m not sure whether he thought that it was a short enough article from long enough ago that nobody would realize that we’d already published it or if he just didn’t want to write another article and thought we’d find it funny to re-print it,” said Joan Melanik, the 1T9-2T0 Toike Editor-in-Chief. “I’m not sure I would have caught it if I hadn’t been re-reading old issues earlier that day.”

“I was for reprinting the article,” said Spatthew Kene, who witnessed Eduardo read the already-printed article in an editing meeting just days ago. “We published it last time because it’s title connected to our theme, which is fine since people mostly just read the headlines anyways. But the article’s content really lends itself to the travel guide theme. And I think it’s important that our readers know that Hamilton is not a fun place to visit.” 

“I think Ed should be ashamed of himself,” said Lee O’Neil-Takobo, former Editor-in-Chief. “This is almost as disgraceful as that time the Toike was published without a back-cover page. People kept rubbing them on each other’s faces, but nothing would come off. It was an embarrassment! And now this?!?!”

 Eduardo isn’t expected to face supplemental discipline for his actions as there is no rule against attempting to get an article re-published. At time of writing, no announcement had been made regarding whether or not the article would be printed in the new issue.