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Engineering Student Writes Program to Automate Self

Last week, third-year Indy student Sanveer Naidoo released the code he wrote to automate his bodily functions. A large portion of the Skule community has since been zombified.

Over the course of winter break, Sanveer wrote scripts for many actions and processes according to his circadian rhythm. “It was really quite easy to figure out,” Sanveer says. “It was just a lot of human factors and ergonomics. And I did it all in Python, so the code practically wrote itself.”

His Git repo has an impressively long list of actions, covering everything from blinking to eating to having sex. “I wasn’t sure everyone would be using that last one, so I included masturbation too” explained Sanveer.

Since he pushed the code last week, students have been enthusiastically installing the software in themselves. “This is just what I needed in my life,” says Amanda Greer, a second-year student in ECE. “Now I can focus exclusively on my labs. Sanveer is a lifesaver.”

Mr. Naidoo’s current project is an API that will allow him to automate his social interactions. “Instead of thinking of texting my girlfriend to tell her I love her, I will be able to set a time interval in my mind to automatically send a heart. And that’s just one small example of the potential optimizations” he proudly stated. He added, “My daily face-to-face social interactions are vacuous anyway. Automation will allow me to run these graphical interfaces in the background so I can focus on my studies in peace.”

Most recently, he uploaded a sample of his work in progress, an email generator that replies to voicemails from his parents.