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How to Write Toike Poetry for Dummies

So you would like to pen a rhyme,

Sonnet, or verse, spoken in time?

Read the next lines and come to see,

Anyone can write great poetry!


Start by discarding syllable count,

Your poem’s words should be constrained by no set amount.

Follow up next by getting rid of meter,

Some darn fancy rhythm doesn’t make the poem any more completer.


While we’re on the subject, who needs to stick to lines?

A     uniform

                   structure to     the poem only confines.


You know what? Screw         rhyming.

Damn traditional poetry requirements         just oppresses

art maaaaaaaaaaan.


Great, now you have a real Toike poem                    on your hands.

Congratulations. Send it to us for the next issue!


(Sue us, none            of us are Liberal Arts majors).