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Point-Counterpoint: This is How You Write a Point-Counterpoint! Vs. No *This* is How You Write a Point-Counterpoint

Obviously, to begin a Point-Counterpoint section, one must first assume a viewpoint in a certain argument.


No, you uninformed cretin, obviously you have to choose a debate to take sides on first!


Excuse me, you uneducated imbecile, obviously intelligent beings like myself would have taken that first assumption as axiomatic to the topic at hand!


You ignorant slut, obviously we can’t assume that the great unwashed masses out there are capable of understanding even the most rudimentary instructions! You have to spell things out for them.


OBVIOUSLY– actually, that is an excellent point my dear fellow.


Thank you, thank you; you hadn’t argued too badly yourself. Well, we have taken a contentious topic and arrived to a mutually satisfactory conclusion. Have we successfully completed a Point-Counterpoint?


I suppose we have old chap! I do hope the witless illiterates out there have understood the point. Idiots.