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Claude et Jean-Luc Discuss Dora the Explorer

Back by popular demand, this column features the somewhat heated discussion between half-brothers Claude and Jean-Luc Cournoyer.

This column is sponsored by Champagne, France. Remember – if it’s not from Champagne, it’s just sparkling wine

Claude: Salut mes amis! I am called Claude.

Jean-Luc: – et je m’appelle Jean-Luc.

Claude: Today we are going to discuss Dora the Explorer.

Jean-Luc: Bonne idée!

Claude: Nickelodeon had some excellent language shows.

Jean-Luc: Oui, I remember learning to speak Spanish through Dora.

Claude: For sure, her adventures avec Monsieur Boots were a cornerstone of my childhood.

Jean-Luc: Et Swiper! Swiper ne pas glisser! C’est plus drôle!

Claude: I agree mon demi-frère!

Jean-Luc: Do you remember watching Ni Hao Kai Lan?

Claude: I do! Etudier la langue chinoise était plus intéressant!

Jean-Luc: I wonder, why is there no cartoon for learning le français?

Claude: Moi Aussi! Le français is much more useful to know than Spanish or Mandarin.

Jean-Luc: Especially ici en Canada and the Nation of Quebec.

Claude: This is a travesty, another attack on French language rights.

Jean-Luc: We must fight for our rights! These damn anglophones have no respect for the Nation of Quebec!

Claude: Err, ok Jean-Luc

Jean-Luc: We shall not stop until every man, woman, and child can speak French

Claude: This has been Claude et Jean-Luc –

Jean-Luc: Vive la révolution!

Claude: – discussing Dora the Explorer