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Top 5 disney thirst traps

For a company typically known for its family friendly image, Disney Animation knows how to create some delectable looking men. In honour of this cast of appetizing morsels of man meat, I have run down the top five best thirst traps from the Disney universe.


  1. Tarzan, Tarzan

We’re gonna start real simple here. This man’s got a firm grip and boy can he swing. I can only imagine what girthy delights he’s got hidden away behind that loin cloth. I don’t care if he’s a savage – he can come savage me any time.


  1. Tadashi Hamada, Big Hero 6

So like, to be completely honest I didn’t know this mouth watering specimen even existed until I was, ahem, researching this piece. But oh my what an oversight that was. That smirk, those eyes. He stirs up something deep within my cold dead heart – and something a bit more wanton below the belt.


  1. Hercules, Hercules

The literal deity of strength, this absolute hunk could absolutely crush me between those thighs of steel, and boy does he make that seem enticing. I could only imagine how it would feel to have those long beefy legs wrapped around me. A cyclops couldn’t kill him but boy do I want to see his one-eyed monster.


  1. Riley’s Dad, Inside Out

This one may surprise you, but in my humble opinion DILFs go underappreciated in this day and age. And if you give him a chance, I think you’ll find this daddy has enough to make you feel like you might need a spanking. That jawline, those eyebrows, that PEACH. God what I wouldn’t give to take a big bite.


  1. Flynn Rider, Tangled 

He’s hot, he’s witty, and man is he cocky. From that first “How ya doin” I knew that I would never be able to look at another man the same again. He could saddle me up and ride me to the ends of the earth. What I wouldn’t give to have him tangle me and do his worst. Mmmmmmmmm