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Decoding the Toronto Lingo

Ayooooooo, so mans have BEEN complainin’ about how fucked up the way we speak is, and ain’t nobody trynna hear dat, so I’m finna bless all y’all with the shit you need to not look like a wasteyute when handling the Toronto Mandem. 

Ahlie: Aight so not even gonna lie it takes a minute to understand exactly what the fuck ‘ahlie’ means. But honestly it’s not even that bad once you hear that shit enough times. Simply put, if yer lookin’ for some confirmation in whatever doodoo is prolly comin’ out of yer beak, slap on ‘ahlie’ and erryone will know what yer sayin’, fam.

Bare: So ‘bare’ means tryna argue that this makes negative sense, but they’re just wasteyutes styll. Bare means a lot, that’s all there is to it, if you’re cheesed that you can’t understand that, then that’s a you problem styll.

Mans: This is eryone, we are all the Mandem. Context is hella important in this one ‘cause ‘mans’ can mean you, your brethren, or your dead great grandfather. By using ‘mans’ you’re actually blessing society cause you out here teaching mans how to deadass listen. That shit deep fam.

Wasteyute: Eryone says stupid shit, but sometimes you hit people with a “nize yerself” but they keep fuckin’ up yer braincells. This is a wasteyute. People can act like wasteyutes without being wasteyutes, but trust, this phrase ain’t one you wanna be reppin’.

Styll: Sometimes you spit facts, and you feelin’ like ensuring that people know you be spittin’ facts. Hit it up with a quick ‘styll’ one time and you get eryone on the same page mayute.

Now whenever yer stuck at Warden station, and mans be are hittin’ you up for a quick buck, you can finesse them with your intense knowledge of the Toronto Mans’ lingo and prolly still get yer shit bodied. But at least you knew to call them a wasteyute one time before you got kawalled.