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Gandalf Fired from Border Services

BORDER SERVICES HQ, MISSISSAUGA – In a shocking turn of events, the Canadian Border Services Agency has announced that they have terminated Gandalf Greybeard, one of their oldest employees, from his post as a Border Services Officer. 

“We will miss Gandalf and wish him all the best,” said Mr. Ronald Sow in a statement to the press. “Unfortunately, he just wasn’t a good fit for our Agency. We tried posting him at bridges into Ontario, ports into Nova Scotia, even on Saskatchewan’s southern border. Once there he managed to create a backlog of travellers just waiting to get past the border and into our beautiful country.” 

“We will forever be grateful for his service, especially after that incident with that big fire demon who wanted to cross our border,” continued Sow. “However, we have decided that his negative impact on Canada’s reputation as a premier tourist destination and generally welcoming country were too high a price to pay.”

It doesn’t appear as though Gandalf will be hard-pressed to find another job as it is rumoured that the University of Toronto’s Division of Engineering Science is enamoured with the 2019-year-old and could offer him a position as an Associate Professor. They aren’t the only ones who have been closely following Greybeard’s skills, as the United States Department of Customs and Border Protection are reportedly preparing to offer Gandalf a position as the Grand Administrator of their Southern Border.