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Michelin Guide to the University of Toronto

The Brown Food Truck

A curbside dining experience at The Brown Food Truck (St. George Street, between Willcocks and Harbord) always begins with a minutes-long wait among U of T students and staff who share in your salty cravings. After all, it has been the go-to dinner spot on campus for decades. With an expansive menu that features everything from hot dogs to a hot dog and fries, one would be foolish not to opt for their most famous dish, the aptly named “medium poutine.” Julienned potato that has been double-fried until crisp, and served under squeaky cheese curds and an umami-rich brown gravy, their interpretation of the Canadian staple will never disappoint. After having ordered your calorie-dense fuel, an experience at The Brown Food Truck is never complete without a cry from the chef that rings familiar to countless generations of U of T grads – “anything to drink for you?” A variety of toppings are available for you should you feel the need to spice up this already heavenly delight. 


The Blue Food Truck 

This challenger to the poutine throne offers up a unique take on classic North American street food. Located outside of the world-renowned Astronomy & Astrophysics Building (St. George Street), The Blue Food Truck offers up fried delights, like (hopefully) previously-frozen fish and calamari. One would be foolish, however, not to opt for their signature dish, the appropriately named “medium poutine.” Soggy fries serve as the bed for a simple light gravy and some squeaky cheese curds in this exciting new take on the classic poutine. Despite the complete lack of texture and warmth of the fries, the quality of potato is unmistakable, as the spud maintains a sweet taste and a fluffy texture. Seating options are non-existent, so try your best to snag a seat in Bahen after securing your taters.


Those Weird Burger Places On Campus

“Holy shit, right?” exclaimed Senior Staff Writer Matthew Gene when asked about his thoughts on Weird Burger Places on Campus. A variety of burgers and hot dogs can be purchased from these delightfully random restaurants, all two of which can be found on the St. George campus, in Sidney Smith Hall and the Medical Science Building. The atmosphere at both of these locations is best described as “boisterous” and “limited on quiet seating.” A burger with mushrooms and garlic in a creamy mustard sauce, or one served with both caramelised and fried onions are just two of the beefy beauties offered up at this local burger joint. One would be a fool not to try their poutine, consisting of thick-cut french fries salted and served with salty cheese curds and a generously-salted light gravy. Despite the brilliant food, make sure to have a couple (refillable) water bottles with your meal here.