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I (-19F) am dating a (21/4 M) engineering student and have yet to experience physical contact with him.


Sooo I’m a lifesci student at the St. George campus and I met this guy while I was studying at Robarts. He’s an ECE student (which apparently means Electrical and Computer Engineering and not Early Childhood Educator like I thought) and because of that, he’s preoccupied with his very heavy course load (editor’s note: virgin ece workload so easy), but we manage to make time for each other regardless.

However, it dawned on me last week during our 2 month anniversary that I’ve yet to have actual physical contact with him. I’m not writing a euphemism for the deed like some redditors reading this might be thinking – I literally mean that I have never touched my boyfriend. Not a single hug, not a single walk while holding hands, not even a tap on the shoulder. At first I thought it was just because we both were unsure of where our interactions were going, but five days ago, I tried going in for a hug when I last saw him after my class and he immediately recoiled and started walking backwards, appearing like he was on the verge of tears. Just yesterday, we went on a date to a restaurant together and I tried holding his hand and he immediately moved it off the table as soon as he saw me move toward him, and then did a backflip to go back up another meter. I’ve tried some other ways to try making physical contact with my boyfriend, but it’s almost like he has a sixth sense when it comes to avoiding me. Yesterday, I caught him napping while we were both studying in Robarts and he still managed to move away from me while he was sleeping like his body was on autopilot, doing a 360-degree no scope defense move.

I still want to try to keep a relationship going with him because it’s hard to find other people at UofT who are fans of Luke Combs like me and him are and that’s my #1 criteria for what I want in a partner. What can I do?

u/bahenmayhem: I’ve never been in a relationship before but this sounds like a huuuge red flag. Dump him.
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